VSA-3500 Cellulose Enzyme

VSA-3500 Cellulose Enzyme
Product Details

Zhejiang Kefeng Silicone Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China vsa-3500 cellulose enzyme manufacturers and suppliers, equipped with a famous brands, welcome to buy and wholesale our customized bulk vsa-3500 cellulose enzyme products and check the price and quotation with us.

VSA-3500 Cellulose Enzyme


VSA-3500 cellulose enzyme is produced by Zhejiang Kefeng Silicone Co., Ltd. VSA-3500 is a mixture liquid cellulose enzyme can make shaved and polishing effect for hemp and cotton fabrics. 

Product performance

High concentration and ultra-high vigour; 

Powerful polishing action for hemp and cotton fabrics, completely remove the feather, no damage to the fiber strength;

Good stability, wide peak range, easy to use;

Give the fabric the appearance of smooth, soft feel;

High effect and low price;

Environmental protection, does not contain APEO. 

Product Properties


Clear brown liquid


Cellulose and stabilizing agent 

pH value



Soluble in water


Temperature:     50-60℃, best effect temp at 55℃

Dosage:         0.3-2.0% owf 

Bath ratio:       4:1-10:1 

Processing time:  15-40 minutes 

PH value:       4.0-6.0, best effect PH value 4.5-5.5


Stored at 5℃< Temp < 35℃ in a dry environment , need to be sealed when not in use, avoid prolonged exposure to extremely hot or cold conditions, avoid cryogenic freezing.

Shelf life: 6 months.


190kg or 200kg per plastic drum (Package is according to customer request)