TM-200 Polyester Soil Release & Soft Finishing Agent

TM-200 Polyester Soil Release & Soft Finishing Agent
Product Details

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TM-200 is a kind polyester & polyether & organic silicon terpolymer, can be used as polyester multifunctional comfort finishing agent & polyester Super soft, hydrophilic, prevent chicken paw mark, high temperature levelling agent & wicking and quick dry finishing agent.

Physicochemical Properties


Light brown granular

Solid content

≥ 96%

Ionic character:


pH value (1% solution):



25Kg kraft paper lined with woven bag

Storage conditions:

6 months (Temp < 30℃, Humi < 50%)

Product performance

Make fabric super fluffy & soft & smooth handle style silk feel so that its fabrics will become comfortable to wear;

Give textile the hydrophilic, wicking and quick dry, etc. properties;

During the dyeing of polyester fiber at high temperature under high pressure, it can decrease chafe, chicken paw mark, and wrinkle of fabrics, can increase the dye uptake, brilliance and clearness, can disperse and dissolve the oligomer precipitating;

Excellent wash-fastness because this product gets linked with the fiber tightly through chemical bonds after finishing;

No yellowing.


Suitable to polyester, polyester blend, nylon, polyvinyl acetate, urethane elastic fiber fabrics, etc.;

Can be used together with disperse dye during the dyeing process;

Pad finishing after dyeing process & immersion method after dyeing process can all be chose.

Recommend Dosage

Pad finishing after dyeing process: 1-3g/L;

Dyeing process or Immersion method after dyeing process: 0.1%-0.3%.

Note: To get the better washable ability, please according to below process after the finishing,

Pad or Immersion → Oven dry at 100-130℃ → Curing at 170-180℃ for 60 seconds. 

Dilution method (Dispersed to 10%)


90 parts


10 parts

FOR LAB DISSOLUTION (0~100g SOLID TM-200): add only water in glass beaker, warming it to 85℃ by Electromagnetic Oven, →add TM-200 in the glass beaker, →(inflate) keep temperature constant at 85℃ for 30min,  →when the solid float on the surface of water, begin the stirring at 80r/min~200 r/min by electric Stirrer, →then decrease the temperature to 40℃ slowly for 20min, finally filtrate and discharge. 

FOR BULK PRODUCTION DISSOLUTION (≥50KG SOLID TM-200): add only water in Reaction vessel with heating function, →stirring purified water at 80r/min~200 r/min and warming it to 85℃,  →add TM-200 slowly(30 min) with stirring until finished, →(inflate) keep temperature constant at 85℃ for 150-180min, →then decrease the temperature to 40℃, finally filtrate and discharge.