Hydrophilic Amino Silicone Oil QQE

Hydrophilic Amino Silicone Oil QQE
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Hydrophilic Amino Silicone oil QQE

Hydrophilic amino silicone oil QQE is a new type of modified amino silicone oil, which is developed for polyester/cotton fabric finishing by our company. It can impart the finished polyester/cotton fabric instantaneous water-absorption and good hand feeling.

Technical Indexes of Product 

Appearance:  Canary yellow transparent fluid. 

Main components: Three-component block amino silicone oil.

Ionic Character:  Cationic

pH Value:  6±1.

Dilution Method: Add water into the product slowly while stirring until it is diluted to the required concentration. 

Application Scope:The product is suitable for various fibers softening, especially for polyester/cotton fabric softening, hydrophilicity and softness of the finished fabric are all excellent.


Achieve the effect of instantaneous water absorption for polyester/cotton fabric.

No floating oil, no spots of silicone oil, and non-sticky to roller.

Resistant to acids and alkalis, high temperature, and high shearing force.

Low yellowing property.

With properties such as bulkiness, soft, slip, glutinous, fullness and nature.

Package and Storage: 50 kg or 125 kg per one plastic drum, storage life is 12 months