Hydrosoft C-60W

Hydrosoft C-60W
Product Details

  • HYDROSOFT C-60W is much more softer & smooth than the traditional hydrophilic amino-modified silicone softeners. It is a best replacer of Magnasoft DerMaNT (made by Momentive).

  • HYDROSOFT C-60W is suitable for different types of fiber (e.g. cotton, wool, man-made fibers, viscose fibers, silk, and blended), especially for cotton (like kinds of bathroom towel), give cotton fabric the hydrophilic and superb softness.

  • Almost don’t turn yellow when application at fibers.

  • Resistance to laundry washes;

  • Excellent stability. Resistance to acid and alkali, jet stability, resistance to high temperature, compatible with anionic.

  • Excellent compound compatibility, fabric can be directly redyed after finished by HYDROSOFT C-60W.

  • Acid and alkali resistant,high temperature resistant,high shear resistance.

  • Non-stick to roller,no-demulsification or floating oil,no silicone spot.