No-yellowing Amino Modified Silicone JX-309

No-yellowing Amino Modified Silicone JX-309
Product Details

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No-yellowing amino modified silicone


JX-309 No-yellowing amino-modified silicone is synthesized by high-grade raw materials, easy to be emulsified, keep its consistent performance. It can be used for polyester, cotton, acrylic, wool, linen and other blended fabric, give fabrics soft and smooth effect, improve fabrics elasticity, the level of washable ability, get the perfect reproduction of silicone oil of extraordinary quality.

Product performance

²       It is particularly suitable for bleaching fabrics, to solve the bad feel shortcomings of traditional non-yellowing silicone;

²       Highlighted the non-yellowing characteristic.

²       JX-309 can bring good softness, smoothness and elasticity;

Product Properties

Appearance: Colorless transparent sticky oily liquid

Chemical compositeon: Organic silicone polymers

Active ingredient content: 100%

Viscosity: 3000-5000CS

Amino group content: 0.6%


Can be used in immersion method, padding method, spraying method.

Emulsify: Add 2 parts of JX-309, 1 parts of emulsifier T, stir uniformly, add 0.05 parts of acetic acid, stirring and add 7 parts of water, heated to 60-80°C while it is not very transparent, filter by more than 120 mesh filter before packing.

Dosage level after emulsified: 1-4% owf.