High-quality Amino Silicone CF-5101

High-quality Amino Silicone CF-5101
Product Details

Zhejiang Kefeng Silicone Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China high-quality amino silicone cf-5101 manufacturers and suppliers, equipped with a famous brands, welcome to buy and wholesale our customized bulk high-quality amino silicone cf-5101 products and check the price and quotation with us.


Amino modified silicones


CF-5101 is produced by Zhejiang Kefeng Silicone Co., Ltd. It is a high-quality amino silicone. Give fibers very good smoothness and high gloss in textile pad finishing after dyeing process &immersion method after dyeing process.

Product performance

²       CF-5101 is suitable for different types of fiber, such as cotton, wool, man-made fibers, viscose fibers, silk, and blended;

²       CF-5101 is a high-quality amino silicone, which can give fibers with very good smoothness, high gloss;

²       Cause very less yellowing;

²       Emulsifier 408 is the matched emulsifier;

²       The ammonia values of CF-5101 is very low, we recommend complex emulsion CF-5101 with CF-5102 and CF-5106, it can obtained very excellent feel softener.

Product Properties

Appearance: Clear to slightly hazy liquid

Active ingredient content: 100%

Amino value : 0.1


CF-5101 can be used in both pad finishing after dyeing process &immersion method after dyeing process.

Recommend Dosage:

Pad finishing after dyeing process: 30% microemulsion 10-30g/L.

Immersion method after dyeing process: 30% microemulsion 1%-3% owf.