Coolsoft 806

Coolsoft 806
Product Details

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Coolsoft 806


Coolsoft 806 is developed by Zhejiang Kefeng Silicone Co., Ltd. The product is a copolymer silicone softener, give fibers much more Smoothness, cool feel. It’s suitable for summer fibers, like cotton, viscose fibers, silk and blended. Simple to application and great in giving fibers cool-soft feel.

Product performance

²  It is suitable for cotton, viscose fibers, silk, and blended;

²  It is used for cotton and its blended fabric, give fabric much more smooth feel, oil feel, cool feel;

²  Very little effect to color change, very little yellowing;

²  It can be used directly, also mix with other auxiliary for using;

²  Non-stick to roller, no-demulsification or floating oil, no silicone spot.

²  Environmentally friendly.

Product Properties

Appearance: Translucent liquid

Active ingredient content: 40%

Ionicity: Cationic

pH value (1% solution): 6.0±1.0

Environmental property: Eco-Conscious Standard


Coolsoft 806 can be used in pad finishing after dyeing process in 10-120g/L. For cool feel use, at dosage of 80-110g/L, for smooth use, at dosage of 10-60g/L.

Coolsoft 806 adsorbed on the fiber surface will be directional effect, so the fabric will has bettersoft performance after curing by setting a period of time.