Waterproofing Agents Help Coatings Improve High Polluting Tool

Waterproofing agents, also known as hydrophobic agent, usually, after adding a certain percentage of hydrophobic agent in a latex paint, latex paint surface and internal pores form a hydrophobic film on the surface, so that water cannot penetrate into the internal LaTeX, so as to improve the water resistance, alkali resistance of latex paint and scrub resistance. General good hydrophobicity makes exterior wall paint 1 time or more increased scrub resistance.

In addition, due to the formation of a hydrophobic membrane surface repels the water, increasing the pollution resistance of latex paint, has been applied to a number of special decorative effect coatings, such as the Lotus effect, the water in the paint surface of the crystal clear, in improving the pollution resistance of coatings at the same time, bring people to look and feel comfortable. Hydrophobic is often measured contact angles: the larger the contact angle, hydrophobic effects, the better.