Matters Needing Attention In Waterproofing Agent

1 Select waterproofing agent, carefully read the instructions for use, method of operation, operation matters needing attention.

2, pay attention to selection corresponds to the stone surface waterproofing agent, not to carelessly used. When the stone front and back water resistant when handling different types of waterproofing agent selected should be more careful not to mix so that ultimately, water resistant, long and hard, to no avail.

3, water repellents, ideal working temperature is 5~25~C, so work should avoid direct sunlight, moisture-proof waterproof agent until completely hardened, and penetrates to the stone inside.

4, according to the penetration of waterproofing agent to select a suitable number of waterproofing agent. When brushing the last waterproofing agent, for l0~30 minutes stone residue on the surface of the liquid should be erased.