How To Choose The Right Used Stone Material Waterproofing Agent

1, for practical purpose. As long as the domestic brands of waterproof agent can provide the relevant authorities (preferably the national building materials Bureau) waterproofing of the accreditation and certification of test reports and test results do not lower or slightly lower than similar foreign products, best choice for domestic brands. Domestic brands have an advantage in terms of price, and easy to buy, disputes on product quality is also better consultation, product technical support and after-sales service providers can keep up with.

2, from the price consideration. At present, the domestic waterproof agent prices vary greatly, if you think the price is good waterproof effect and opted for expensive waterproofing agent, waterproof agent per unit area costs would be too high, corporate profits are relatively low. Therefore, when choosing a waterproofing agent, should take into account the price effects and the relation between them.