Zx-Vi Mortar Waterproofing Agent

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Specification:ISO9001-2000

Product Description
Execute standard

Appearance powder
Solid container % ≥ 92
Fineness0.315mmsieve% ≤ 10

1 6%-8% of the all cement, the ratio of reducing water is 10%-15%, improve the workbility of mortar.
2 Excellent performance on the anti-permeability and waterproofing.

Application range
Waterproof mortar for building the underground, waterproof walls, bathroom,
Kitchen, cleaning ditches and other plastering surface water mortar.

1 Clean the substrate of concrete and masonry, then watering the surface and make sure plaster without water on.

2 The layer of waterproofing, divide two layers to deal (10mm per layer). Under layer plaster 1mm mortar only mixed with water, then plaster waterproofing mortar, press hard at the early time of condensing, and blunt it, then after the second layer press it and keep smooth.

3 Special parts: Edges and corners must be plastered into circular angle, if there is joint (leave a slope 15-20cm), firstly, plaster the mortar only mix with water as the bottom, then plaster the waterproofing mortar layer

Package and storeage
50Kg/bag shelf life is one year

1 Choose ordinary portland cement or slag cement, pattern≥ R32.5, mid-sand, the quantity of cement ≤ 3%.
2 As to the waterproofing mortar, it is better to operate in plastering and
Pressing, successive operate one time, not to leave gap. If it have to leave gap
, it is better to design a trapezoidal slope, firstly, scrawl waterproofing mortar, then separate sevral layers to scrawl.
3 Operate after Deformation of structure or sink. Then cover wet gross bag to protect after 8h (The time should be taken in advance in the summer)