Textile Industrial Bio Scouring Enzyme

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Kind:Textile Auxiliary

  • Appearance:Liquid

  • Application:Pretreatment Auxiliary, Textile Printing Auxiliary, Dying Auxiliary

  • Color:Brown

  • State:Liquid

  • pH:4.5-6.5

  • Purity:100%

  • Solubility:Soluble in Water Easily

  • Specific Gravity:~1.10

Product Description
Product Descriprion
Make UpA multiple enzyme preparation compound product which mainly  based on alkaline pectinase
Property Bio scouring enzyme
FunctionRemoval of pectin impurities in cotton fiber,and other symbiosis organisms impurity
Process Fabrics pretreatment
Application FieldTextile industrial,Printing and Dyeing Industrial

Improve product quality and performances.
1.With the enzyme specificity characteristics, only effect on the impurities on fabric, no damage 
to fiber;
2.Improve dyeing performance, increase the levelness, enhance the color yield, reduce the defective 
rate of dyeing;
3.Make the fabric soft, plump, cloth and glossy, texture clear;
4.If doing biological smooth finishing, the fabric color will not change;
5.Improve the security and stability of the bio scouring enzyme pretreatment; especially for some 
special fiber used in scouring will be more perfect; 

Shorten the processing time, reduce the cost.
1.Combined with enzymatic scouring process with the biological polishing process, also with dyes
 in one bath, shorten the processing time, improve production efficiency; the fabric weight loss 
 decreases, the defective rate decreased;
2.Reduce alkali, acid (neutralization) and water (cleaning) consumption, energy saving, water saving;
enhance the dyeing rate, save dyes;
3.Alleviate the pressure on sewage treatment, reduce the cost of sewage treatment. 

Friendly to ecological environment, & harmless to the operator or equipment
1.Be of low energy consumption, low water consumption, reduce the wastewater TDS, COD, BOD 
index, reduce the pollution;
2.Offer a safe work environment; reduce the damage to the apparatus.

Dosage0.2 - 0.4G/L (decided by equipment, hair remove effect and other factors)
Bath Ratio1:5-1:20 
pH Range 6.0-10.0, recommended about 9.0 
Temperature20°C - 65 °C, recommended 55°C.

Packaging and Storage
Bio scouring enzyme is available in 30kg pails, 220kg drums and 1000kg totes.Bio scouring enzyme enzyme can be stored at room temperature (up to 25oC) in a sealed container.Reformulated products should also be packaged in sealed containers. Storage and Stability information is available upon request.