Textile auxiliaries production wastewater treatment process

Domestic a large textile dyeing additives production enterprise main products for cation film, and PU coating agent, and stiffness agent, and phosphate semi-finished products, and PA and ao mixture, its emissions wastewater pollutants main from products reaction process in the of low boiling real, and wash Kettle residues real and ground residue, wastewater in the surfactant and the emulsion Agent, and ammonia nitrogen, and organic amine and organic of content high, water compared complex, difficult degradation material more [4]. Based on experience and pilot test results, design of regulating reservoir-reagent floatation pool pool-suspension-anaerobic hydrolysis biological filter (decarbonization district of nitrification and denitrification zone)-sedimentation of physicochemical-biochemical combination process, commissioning, implementation of waste water into a tube discharge.