Smooth and soft hand feel -kefeng silicone

Other names:
C12 carbon dodecyl diphenyl ether sodium disulfonate
Appearance: (25C)amber clear liquid
Effective content: More than 45%
Molecular weight: 569
Viscosity: CPS 145
Smell: Slightly
Density: G/ML 25C 1.161

The product is Double sulfonic acid salt water loving anionic surfactant, besides of the normal anionic surfactant's feature, it has excellent soluble, surface activity, detergency, diffusivity and fights resistance ability; Has good stability and solubility in strong acid, strong base, High concentrations of inorganic salt and Bleach solution. It gradually replaced the emulsifier such as K-12, OP-10(octylphenol polyoxyethylene ether), TX-10(nonylphenol ethoxylates).

The surface tension of different concentration aqueous solution. (dynes/cm)
0.001% concentration 50
0.01% concentration 37
0.1% concentration 31
1.0% concentration 32
Foam height mm (< 1%25C at first: 135 after 5 minutes: 109

1. Per molecule both contain two negatively charged, that make it has better dispersing power. It has a higher solubility in the electrolyte solution. It is stability to acid, alkali and salt solutions.
2. Big molecular weight, high adsorption capacity, the preparation of emulsion aging is high efficient, low cost; Latex particle size distribution is narrow and uniform.
3. Thermal stability is so excellent that it can still suitable for the emulsion polymerization reaction in the 80-120 ° C temperature conditions without losing the surfactant
4. Good mechanical stability. The emulsion, which emulsified by this product, even under high shear conditions, also showed remarkable stability.
5. Good oxidation stability at high temperature, only the strong oxidants can change it: When the temperature is 50C, the strongest oxidants will play a role in a few hours later.
6. Less toxic in the concentration of 1%, contact with skin or eyes, it will only produce short-term pain and stimulate; But at higher concentrations (> 10%), to try to avoid contact with eyes or skin.

Packaging and storage: 125, 240KG/ barrel. It can be packaged according to the request. The product is stability, Non-flammable, Non-explosive; It should be sealed airtight after using to prevent debris intrusion; Can adapt to the general ambient temperature (5~35%), avoid sun exposure, quality guarantee period is more than one year. To avoid the freeze happens. If frozen, it should be heated above 10C, when liquefaction, using it after stirring.

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