Silicone Softener


Basic Info.

Application:Finishing Agent
Specification:100% content

Product Description

1. Hydrophilic Silicone Softener
2. Content: 84%~87%
3. ISO14001: 2004
4. Professional in textile auxiliaries

[Product Name] New type Super soft hydrophilic Silicone Oil, hydrophilic silicone softener
[Introduction ] New type Super soft hydrophilic Silicone Oil is a modified quaternary ammonium multiple copolymerization of organic silicone softener.

[Advantage ]
(1) Endow fabric excellent hydrophilic after using, can comparable the hydrophilic with traditional polyether silicone oil, improving the quality of textile, endowing the clothes excellent wear comfortable.
(2) Endow fabric amino silicone oil's softness, smoothness, strong cotton simple feeling, fluffy and flexible after finishing.
(3) No yellowing change, less discolour, no effect to color light.
(4) If found the color is not right after dying, no need to remove the softener when re-dying, won't effect the dying, color deep, pure and bright.
(5) It can be used together with cationic/non-ionic softener to increase the whole property largely.
(6) High temperature endure, electrolyte endure and acid, alkali endure. Good operational property
(7) High performance to price rate. Less dosage. Better result.

[Basic Character]
Appearance: Transparent to light yellow liquid
Ionic: Cationic/nonionic
Solid content: 84%~87%

Apply for the soft hydrophilic finishing for the fabric which mainly containing cellulose fiber or protein fiber

Recommend to dilute 20% emulsion to use.
(1)Emulsion Dipping Process: 2~6% (o. W. F)
(2) Emulsion Padding Process: 10~30g/L

[Storage] Store in cool and ventilated warehouse. 6 months of Storage period.