replace of sodium hydrosulfite

Basic Info
  • Model NO.: Formaldehyde-Free Fixing Agent RC-301

  • Appearance: Liquid

  • Formaldehyde-Free Fixing Agent 301

  • Specification: 150kg/drum

  • Kind: Fixing Agent

  • Application: Textile Printing Auxiliary, Dying Auxiliary, Post-Processing Auxiliary

Product Description
This product is used for reactive dyes and direct dyes, can improve the wet fastness, washing fastness, rubbing fastness.
I Physical and Chemical Index
Component: special organic compound
Appearance: light yellow liquid
PH value: 4 to 5 (1% aqueous solution)
Ionicity: Cation
Solubility: soluble in any proportion of water, alkali-resisting, hard water resisting
Solid content::38-40%
IIPerformance Feature
1.This product is a formaldehyde-free environment-friendly high-quality color fixing agent.
2. It has obvioiusly special effect on active agent or direct bright red, dark brown and dark color fixing.
3. It can improve wet fastness, washing fastness and friction fastness. 
4. It can hardly effect sunshine fastness.
5. It cannot make the fabric treated feel stiff.
6. It has extremely little impact on chromatic light.  
III Application Range:
It is exclusively applied to reactive dyeing or printing and fixing treatment.