Kefeng Silicone, Textile auxiliaries, Enzyme

Basic Info.

Kind:Textile Enzyme
Appearance:LiquidApplication:Post-Processing Auxiliary
Package:PalletsSpecification:High activity

Product Description

        Our company specializes in fiber processing, not just the manufacture of enzymes.
The cost of manufacturing goods from plant fiber is a function of many factors, including the fiber's character and the processing methods used. The ability to change the fiber itself or its processing method without impacting product quality offers the potential to reduce the total cost of production and decrease the environmental impact of fiber processing industries.
Our produces fiber-digesting enzymes used by the textile industry to improve the properties of its products.
Our enzymes enable fabric and garment manufacturers to maintain the integrity of their materials, while attaining desirable qualities, such as softness, a smooth finish, and the fashionable "stone-washed" look of denim. Used in denim processing to substitute or enhance the performance of pumice stones which fade and soften fabric
Used to soften fabrics and remove or prevent the formation of tiny balls or fuzz on garments.
The abrading effect of Microfiber's products makes commercial finishes more practical and can reduce manufacturing costs. As well, the environmental impacts associated with the use of pumice stones traditionally used in the textiles industry are reduced.
Our textile enzyme is competitive in textile cellulase:
Neutral Cellulase
Easy to use under the pH 5.5-8.0, special for the neutral pH 6.5-7.0 application, Unique washing>More tech surport