Granule Cellulase Enzyme

Basic Info.

Kind:Textile Enzyme
Appearance:GranularsApplication:Post-Processing Auxiliary
Package:225kg Plastic Drum or 30 Kg Plastic DrumSpecification:High activity

Production Capacity:5000 Tons/Year

Product Description

 GRANULE CELLULOSE is a high concentrated neutral base granule product intended for incorporation in stone washing reformulations as a base ingredient in the laundry.It has high performance for the new shades and finishes to be created easily and cost-effectively, in an environmental-friendly way under the neutral conditions in the laundry.
GRANULE CELLULOSE is recommended for the following advantage in the finishing for the denim in the laundry.
High color contrast finish
Low degree of indigo back-staining
Optimal strength retention
High degree of reproducibility and reliability
Maximizing fabric strength retention
Improved wash look, or create new looks
Easy and cost effective reformulation

Typical Characteristics
L Appearance:Granule
L Odor:Slight fermentation odor

The optimal pH and Temperature ranges for GRANULE CELLULOSE are pH 5.5-7.5
And 45-60°C to optimize its performance and anti-back staining properties.The broad pH and Temperature range result in a flexible and easy to-use product, which has low requirements for buffer salts and dispersing agents.