Construction technology of organosilicon waterproofing agent on the five advantages

A, the construction is simple: with no experience in waterproofing construction, just use low pressure sprayer spray, the old building maintenance and quick, bathrooms without gouging tiles saves time and effort.

B, fast construction: construction 500-800 square meters per day, the traditional waterproof material construction 10-20 square meters per day. Because of their construction, can be completed ahead of schedule, reducing the substantial costs.

C, low labor intensity: just a few 1-2 people to construction. Traditional waterproof materials needed 5-7, save the fee.

D, environmental protection: no waste and no pollution during construction, without any harm to the human body, which is a Green eco-friendly products.

E, good waterproof effect: really a construction, the perennial worry-free, eliminating maintenance trouble year after year.