Color of organosilicon waterproofing agent is colorless and transparent

Water soluble organosilicon waterproofing agent depends on the water as the medium (or solvent), then add some hydrolysates and other effective additives, high temperature, high pressure mixing fully after the dissolution reaction of organosilicon waterproofing agent, water is colorless, problem is other substances added.

Shang century 50 generation organic silicon, this has military and tip technology background of industry into China, in recent years China organic silicon industrial into has high-speed development period, was increasingly more of field by application, in many of organic silicon industry chain in the, organic silicon waterproof agent in the of effective material just downstream products in the of a, these effective material original is by organic silicon factory production other organic silicon products Hou of accessories, by research, and development, and using, became organic silicon waterproof agent of main raw materials of.