Coating Auxiliary Agents Calcium Lignosulphonate Lignosulfonic (CF-1)

Basic Info

  • Character: Yeow Brown Powder

  • Water Reducing Rate: Mt14%

  • Water: <6.0%

  • Warranty: 24 Months

  • Lignosulphonate: Mt93%

  • Name: Calcium Lignosulphonate

  • Water Insoluble: <1.5%

  • Application Field: Ceramic, Fertlizer , Concrete , Textile

  • Specification: SGS

Product Description

  Auxiliary Agents Calcium Lignosulphonate Lignosulfonic (CF-1)

Calcium lignosulphonate: 
Calcium lignosulphonate is suitable for using as admixture for concrete construction, petroleum drilling, asphalt emulsification, tanning leather, dispersant of chemical and pesticide, additive of slurry mixture of water and coal, adhesive of feedstuffs processing

Detail information: 

 Auxiliary Agents Calcium Lignosulphonate Lignosulfonic (CF-1)
appearance brown yellow powdery 
lignosulphonate 50~65%
dry matter >92%

1 . In the oil drilling fields. Calcium lignosulphonate can be used as blocking agent, and improve the mud fluidity. 

2 . In the filed of concrete admixture. it can improve the workability and water of concrete, reduce the initial heat of hydration of cement, as the common water reducing mixture.

3, Calcium lignosulphonate can increase the fluidity of the slurry and thus to improve the strength of the embryo. 

4 . In the agriculture. Sodium lignosulphonate can be used in the production of deflocculant, dispersant and bulking agent of pesticide to improve the suspensibility and wettability of wettable powder. 

Why choose us : 

1 . With advanced lignosulphonate extraction and improvement technology,

2 . the company annually produces fifty thousand tons of lignin products.

3 . The lignin products made of fast-growing poplars, dry land wheat straws and wetland reeds by the company are mainly applicable to the fields of concrete admixtures, refractory materials, ceramic products, smelting industry, thermal power generation and so on. 

Our service: 
(1) Packed in plastic film bag wrapped with plastic woven sack. 25kg per bag, 400kg, 600kg, or according to requirement
2) Delivery Detail: within 6 days after receipt the payment 


Q1; What is the application using in concrete industry? 
A1; It can used as water reducing agent, retarder, pumping agent, early strength agent, air entraing agent. 
Q2: Can you supply free samples? 
 A2: Yes, it's ok for us to supply small quantity free samples but freight should be paid by clients. 

Q3: What is the payment term your company? 
A3: T/T, L/C, D/P

Q4: Will you arrange factory visiting if we want? 
A4: We welcome everyone visiting our company but please tell us before two days then we can make further arrangement.