Acid Cellulase Enzyme, Textile Enzyme

Basic Info.

Model NO.:Textile enzymeKind:Textile Enzyme
Appearance:LiquidApplication:Post-Processing Auxiliary
Package:225kg Plastic Drum or 30 Kg Plastic DrumSpecification:High activity

CAS No.:9012-54-8

Production Capacity:5000 Tons/Year

Product Description


Wash eznyme cellulase is a concentrated engineered cellulase designed for textile applications such as fabric bio-polishing and garment stone washing. 
Typical Characteristics
Appearance Amber Liquid
Activity 13500 CMCU/mL (minimum)
pH 4.5 5.5
Specific gravity 1.10 - 1.20
Concentrated product can be used directly or further dilution
Very good performance/price ratio
Good color retention, lower back-staining compared to it's the conventional acid cellulase
Good de-pilling effect
Relatively low strength loss
Soften handle with greater drapability
suitable for biofinishing (i. e. Softening, surface fiber removal, depilling) of various types of cellulosic fabrics and garments. Biopolishing can be arranged either before or after dying, depending on the desired effects. 
Typical biopolishing conditions, 
Equipment overflow, winch, jet dying machines or laundry washer. 
Dosage 0.2-1.0% o. W. F
Liquor ratio 1: 5 1: 20
pH 4.5 5.5
TMP 45 - 60
Treatment time 30 - 60 mins. 
Standard packaging is 25kg pail, 225kg drum, and 1125kg IBC
To ensure extend shelf life, store CELLULASE at 25 or below in a sealed container. Exposure of this product to elevated temperatures for prolonged periods of time may result in loss of activity. 

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