100% Silicone Emulsion Softener Like Magnasoft Jss, Derma Nt

Product Detail

Product Description
Super-stable Smoothing Softener 804
(The counterpart of Magnasoft JSS of GESILICONES from U. S. A. )
Super-stable smoothing Softener 8810 is high molecular compound of polysiloxane and polyether block copolymer and a kind of silicone surfactant for molecule in itself. It is self-emulsified and doesn't need any emulsifying agent when it is diluted.

Characteristics and advantage
Generates bulky and softness for cotton and its blend and has some elastic resilience.
Impart fabric with permanent hydrophilic effect, high yellowing resistance, can be used as anti static agent.
Compatible with anionic and cationic auxiliaries, can be used in wide range of pH (4~12).
Has no affect on capillary effect of fabric and can directly be color repaired after finishing.
Easily remove 8810-100%(keep the treated fabric in 60 Centigrade solution of water and nonionic surfactant for 30min. )
Basic property
Appearance: Yellowish viscous paste
Ionicity: Nonionic
pH Value: 6.0-8.0(1% aqueous solution)
Solid content: 98%± 2
Application field
Softening finish of cotton, polyester/cotton.
Immersion process
Dilute 8810 1: 3 with water:
Pad process: 20~40 g/L
Exhaust process: 2~6% o. W. F
Dilution method based on 100kg of 8810-100%:
1. Add 200kg of water and 1kg of HAC(glacial acetic acid) into container and stir them evenly.
2. Add 100kg of 8818-100% and stir them for 30 minutes
3. Then add another 100kg of water and stir them for 10-15 minutes.
4. Filter them and discharge for using.
200 kg plastic drum.
Can be stored for 6 months under cool and well ventilated condition.