Reactive Soaping Agent NR-2

Reactive Soaping Agent NR-2
Product Details

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Reactive Soaping Agent NR-2


Reactive Soaping Agent NR-2 is applied in soaping process after dyeing or printing of cotton and polyester-cotton blended fabrics. The purpose is to wash off floating dyes in order to improve color fastness, and reach requirement of customer’s growing need.

Product performance

²        Elevate unfixed dyes solubility, accelerate floating dyes moving to water.

²        Improve detergent washing potency.

²        enhance rubbing fastness to color and soaping fastness to color, meanwhile, prevent washed dyes from staining back to the fabrics.

²        Foam free, it can be applied in not only continuous dyeing process but also batch dyeing process such Jet dyeing.

Product Properties

Appearance: Light brown transparent liquid

Main component: Copolymer of maleic acid and crylic acid

PH value: 68  (10% of solution)

Density: 1.1g/mL

Ionicity: Anionic


Impregnation method or padding method.