Environmental-friendly Fixing Agent MG-371

Environmental-friendly Fixing Agent MG-371
Product Details

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Environmental-friendly fixing agent


MG-371 is produced by Zhejiang Kefeng Silicone Co., Ltd. It is a high concentration of linear cationic high polymer non-formaldehyde fixing agent. It’s suitable for fixing of reactive dye, direct dye or sulfur dye. Effectively improve color fastness of fabric. 

Product performance

²       Suitable for kinds of fabrics, especially for cotton.

²       Very little discolor in fixing working solution, avoid stripping or color change effectively.

²       Very little color change, don’t affect fabric style.

²       Significantly improve rubbing fastness, washing fastness and perspiration fastness.

²       Has excellent alkali resistance, can be used in mercerization after fixing of cotton.

²       No formaldehyde, no APEO, environmental friendly.

Product Properties

Appearance: Colorless to light yellowing transparent liquid

Active ingredient content: 71%±1%

Ionic character: Cationic

Stability : Resistant to acid, alkali, electrolyte and hard water

Solubility: Soluble in water

PH value: 4.0-7.0


To guarantee fixing effective, before fixing, bleaching and soaping the fabric thoroughly, wipe off surface dyeing, salt, alkali and surfactants.

(1) Immersion method after dyeing process: at 0.2-1% owf.

(2) Pad finishing after dyeing process: 2-10g/L.